52nd UAE National Day

"UAE will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) starting this week"

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On the 2nd of Dec. in 1971, the leaders of the Emirates agreed to unite the independent 7 Emirates into a single nation.

To mark the progresses during last 52 years that UAE has made over the past years, UAE Amb. Abdulla Saif ALNUAIMI threw a dinner diplomatic reception to welcome Diplomatic Corps., NGSs such as Intl Cultural Heritage Strategy Center (www.icpsc.kr) and UAE communities in Korea including defense attaches accredited to many Embassiens in Seoul.

UAE Amb. Abdulla Saif ALNUAIMI marking his country's 52nd Union day with Diplomatic Corps. on the podium. (Courtesy Embassy of UAE)

To continue the course of this progress, the UAE adopted ambitious strategies which is actively working on adopting a knowledge-driven and diversified economy, said Alnuaimi in front of over 500 invited guests at a downtown hotel Seoul late last Friday.

Touching upon current challenges facing our world today, UAE envoy said the UAE will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) starting next week as part of the efforts to confront such challenges. The UAE views climate change as an opportunity to contribute to practical solutions to the problem of climate change as the focus of the current session of this Conference is on achieving tangible achievements, added. Alnuaimi.

In another context, the UAE aims at being among leading countries in the space sceince sector. So Hazza Al Mansouri was the first Emirates astronaut in space in 2019, according to the Embassy of UAE. The UAE also successfully deployed its Hope Probe mission to Mars in 2021, according to UAE envoy. Further in 2024, the UAE is set to launch the "Mohammed bin Zayed SAT" satellite(MBZ-SAT), which is considered the largest and most advanced satellite.

With regard to UAE's global role, Alnuaimi said the UAE has succeeded in showing its constant endeavour to support peaceful solution to international conflicts, through its UN Security Council membership for 2 years, which will continue until the end of this year.

Last but not least, UAE envoy mentioned both Special Strategic Partnership between Korea & UAE adopted in 2018 thanks to the resolve of the leaders of the two nations, adding during President Yoon's official visit to UAE in Jan. this year, the leaders of the two countries agreed to elevate this partnership ot its highest level in order to cope with the expanded and diversified areas of cooperation.

As guest honor to speak his congratulate remarks on behalf of the Government, Land & Infrastructure Minister Won Hee-ryong said the two countries have been consolidating their current partnerships in many areas including construction, infra, energy, culture and economy since establishing diplomatic ties in late 1980.

Touching upon "50 Project" UAE Government announced in 2021 on the occasion of its 50th Union Day, Won said that Korean government also is doing its best to secure new growth engines by investing in smart city and new mobility fields, to name just a few in large scale.

If Korean companies can be best partners for the future of UAE's 50 Projects, the two countries will be able to pave the way for more greater future through simultaneous growth, Won hoped.

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